Into the Divide

We are hard at work on a feature film based on the¬†Story of America¬†web series. The working title is “Journey Into the Divide,” we expect to complete it in February 2016, and, you can contribute financially and creatively to the process through our crowdfunding page.

We (filmmakers Annabel Park and Eric Byler) spent nearly three years in the South exploring the political divide in America rooted in differences in historical narratives and challenges of true racial reconciliation. The feature film will reveal all that the web series has not: our personal journey as we befriended and talked to and fellow Americans , and race.  about the intersection of politics, history. They created a web series in November, 2012 to chronicle their journey. There are three chapters to the film representing what they learned in three different locations in the South.

In Selma, AL, they witness the fights over how history should be remembered between the white and black communities living there today.

In North Carolina, the filmmakers meet and follow the work of Rev. William J. Barber II, the President of NC NAACP. They witness and document the birth of the Moral Monday movement.

In South Carolina, they arrive shortly after the shooting of nine African Americans by a white supremacist, Dylan Roof, at the Emanuel Baptist Zion Church in Charleston. They follow the debate that ensues around the flag pole flying the Confederate flag. Whether or not the flag is removed becomes the focus of the gut-wrenching debate that takes place in the state and around the nation.

The journey to understand America’s narrative and political divide leads the filmmakers to confront the fear of the “other” at the heart of the divide.